The Wardrobe Angels Top Tips for Downsizing Your Wardrobe

Stephanie, "The Wardrobe Angel":, is the person I turn to when supporting clients who might have a collection of valuable clothing to downsize when moving home. Her top tips are useful whether moving home or not!

  1. Keeping only the clothes you absolutely love is a great place to start. Clothes which make you feel special, which make you feel like you and which generate positive comments “you look great in that!” Placing these straight back in the wardrobe gives you a strong sense of personality. Anything of sentimental value also deserves a place in your new wardrobe.
  2. Anything that is too small/too big/stained/bobbled/beyond repair should immediately be removed from your wardrobe and recycled.
  3. Separate the rest of your clothes into three categories: YES/NO/MAYBE. The NO can go straight to charity or be sold if suitable, the YES can go back in the wardrobe. Keep hold of the MAYBE for a month. If you use it then it can go back in the wardrobe, if you don’t use it then it needs to go to charity.
  4. What are you holding on to “just in case?” If you have stores of clothes for different lifestyles (gym/office/gardening) but they no longer reflect your current lifestyle then ask friends and family if they would like take them off your hands and out of your wardrobe.
  5. How many pairs of jeans do you need to walk the dog in? How many t-shirts do you really need? Be realistic about your new lifestyle post-downsizing.
  6. Think about which clothes you wear for which occasions. If you don’t spend much time at balls then there is no need for a wardrobe full of ball gowns!
  7. Take the time to store valuable family heirlooms. Family heirlooms could take the shape of designer labels and vintage items: Hermes, Chanel, Ossie Clark, Diane Von Furstenberg original wrap dresses. It is worth contacting a fashion expert to have items valued so that you know whether to include them in your will.
  8. Take care of what you have chosen to keep in your new wardrobe: add moth repellents, get items dry cleaned before you move and do any necessary repairs. Love your clothes!

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