Spring is here again...time for a move?

Here we are in April, the Easter weekend has just been and gone, and the warmer weather heralds longer days and the end of the winter period.

Many people are beginning to wonder whether this year is the time when they should be talking with their parents or older relatives about downsizing to a home that meets their needs more appropriately. Perhaps after many years the family home is getting on top of them.

The much loved garden is beginning to bloom again, but ill health may make it a really demanding task to cope with this year. The belongings that have been accumulated over a lifetime have expanded to fill the loft, the spare bedrooms, the garage, and things are getting a little cluttered now. Going up and down the stairs has become a bit of a challenge on some days, and the heating bills keep rising while the amount of rooms used on a regular basis has reduced.

The subject of moving from the longstanding family home is often one that is skirted around by families, as we’re talking not just about bricks and mortar but a lifetime of memories, emotional attachments to friends and neighbours, financial investment and the inevitable consequences of ageing. It’s a big decision to face, and although in some cases sensitive and practical adaptations can deal with issues to help older people remain in their home, for many there comes a point when enough is enough.

It’s revealing that once we have worked with older clients to support them whilst they move home, the comment often made after they have settled into their new retirement apartment or smaller home on one level is ‘I wish I/we had done this years ago’.

In our experience many family members in their 40s and 50s, with busy careers, growing children and full lives are worried that they haven’t the time to devote to organising or assisting their ageing relatives with a much needed later life move. We know ourselves the stress of juggling various priorities and having parents some distance away who need support.

Our service is designed to take the strain, to address all those questions around the practicalities of moving older relatives and to provide support for everyone involved so that the transition to more suitable later life living is as stress free as possible.

Talk to your older relatives about your concerns and if together you feel that it’s the right time to move why not give us a call to see how we can help.


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