National Senior Move Managers Week

This week is National Senior Move Managers Week, a recognition and celebration of the great work that Senior Move Managers do in helping older people to move home in later life. This year’s theme chosen by the National Association of Senior Move Managers is around the Circle of Experts, the various resources, suppliers and professionals that the move manager harnesses along with their own expertise in order to make the transition to later life living a smooth one. That transition is often the most profound moving event to affect an older person, when length of time in the family home, adjustment to the inability to manage that home any longer, need for support and in some cases possible effects of bereavement can all come together to present real challenges to making the move. This is where the Senior Move Manager comes in - professional, sensitive support, personalised for the client’s particular needs, working with the older person and their family to guide them through the complex and stressful moving process. NASMM (National Association of Senior Move Managers) is the professional association of organisations dedicated to assisting older people and their families with the various demands of downsizing and relocating. Here in the UK we and our fellow NASMM members are proud to promote our profession and eager to spread the word about what we do. Have a look at our UK wide website for more information.

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