What is a Senior Move Manager?*

A Senior Move Manager is a professional who specialises in assisting older adults and their families with the emotional and physical aspects of relocation and/or 'ageing in place'. The term Senior Move Manager® is a registered service mark, owned by the National Association of Senior Move Managers, and can only be used by NASMM members.

Senior Move Managers can assist individuals who choose to stay in their own homes, but simply require expert organisational skills and solid knowledge of 'ageing in place' concepts to help them achieve their goal of... not moving anywhere, but improving quality of life!

One call to a Senior Move Manager can connect you with services older adults and families need for a seamless, successful transition of all kinds.

Who will deliver the services chosen?

Many of the services are delivered directly by the Yorkshire Move Manager. However, some services must be or are best delivered by other professionals and specialists for example, legal services, financial advice, specialist welfare benefits advice or removals.

Where additional services are required to help deliver your plan we will:

  • Use only contractors or other service / advice providers who are insured and who are able to demonstrate a good track record and be able to provide testimonials
  • Ensure that where free services exist and are accessible in appropriate timescales these will be utilised to minimise costs
  • Where we are able to negotiate a reduced fee for a service, pass the saving on to our client
  • Carry out a quality assessment at the end of each contract we undertake

What does the service cost?

Because each individual client has a different set of needs and each move is unique - the fees charged will vary from client to client.

Following an initial discussion we will provide you with a clear estimate for the services you could benefit from. You choose what you need.

As a NASMM member we will always outline the cost of a job through a written estimate before you are required to submit payment.

I am interested in obtaining some help with my parent’s move, but we can do most of the work to save money. Can you just do some of the work?

Yes, we offer a menu of services from which you can choose and you pay accordingly. Our aim is to ease the stress of the move process for older adults and family members, not add to your concerns*.

*Source: National Association of Senior Move Managers - NASMM - www.nasmm.org