The senior move partnership

At the Yorkshire Move Manager we work with other experienced and compassionate Senior Move Managers in the UK to help facilitate long distance senior relocations.

Clients often want to move to be nearer their families or wish to relocate to a particular retirement village which might be some distance away. Working together, we ensure a quality and cost effective relocation service wherever you live in the UK.

The Senior Move Partnership was established to deliver seamless, consistent and quality senior move services across the country. Formed by three senior move management companies, The Senior Move Partnership is committed to providing the highest standards of practical and emotional support to older adults and their families who are dealing with the impact of moving home.

Partner companies are members of NASMM - National Association of Senior Move Managers.

Rest assured, we understand the concerns and changing needs that ageing brings. The Senior Move Partnership is here to help you or your older loved one make a stress free later life move - wherever you live or are moving to. Visit The Senior Move Partnership website for more information.