Downsizing & decluttering

The task of sorting through, deciding on what to keep, who to gift to and packing possessions can be emotionally and physically draining. The added pressure of a 'to do by date' can be too much for some to contemplate. We can help.

  • ‘We were very happy to welcome Michelle and Andrew to our home and felt confident with them from the first visit. They set out clearly what they could do to help us and we were all able to work together as a team. We were most impressed with their ‘hands on but non invasive approach’.
  • Clients moving from large family home to smaller apartment with a range of downsizing needs

Working with clients to sort through what can be years of accumulated possessions requires patience and sensitivity. We offer one to one support to help seniors and their families with this time consuming and often emotive task.

We can help our clients begin this process in advance of the move - working with them to complete the task before moving day arrives. We can also help clients to carry out decluttering and organising tasks even if they are not moving - for clients who are looking to 'age in place' a programme of decluttering can help create a safer environment. If time is tight we can help to complete this task over a shorter period of time.

We can help with downsizing / decluttering the whole home including the attic, cupboards, wardrobes, basements, garages, sheds etc.

During the process we can pack for the move or make arrangements for selling, valuing, recycling or disposing. We can also send items / arrange for items to go to family members as required.

We know that the process of downsizing or sorting possessions can be difficult for all concerned - often giving rise to old family tensions. Let us work with you, as a trusted, impartial, outsider to move this process forward.

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